July 19, 2013

Hatch Season Begins on the Islands

There's always a point in the summer where try as we might we can't manage to get an update written and posted. Generally, this coincides with hatch season beginning! All of our staff and volunteers are so busy keeping up with nests being laid and nests hatching it never feels like there's a moment to sit down at the computer.

Hatching has gotten off to a slow but steady start. Eight of Sanibel's nests have hatched and nine nests on Captiva have hatched. Nesting is still going strong. Sanibel has 241 loggerhead nests and 9 green turtle nests. On Captiva there are 113 loggerhead nests and 2 green turtle nests. This is the most green turtle nests the program has ever documented on the Islands! Green turtles tend to nest later into August than loggerheads, so hopefully we can expect a few more nests before the season is done.

Loggerhead hatchling tracks from the nest to the Gulf.
Loggerhead hatchlings crawling to the Gulf at sunrise.
Green turtle tracks.
Green turtle nest on Sanibel.

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