May 10, 2013

2013 Nesting Season Underway

We’re off to a nice, slow start to nesting this year, which is quite a contrast from last year’s busy start. The first nest was laid before the official May 1 start to the nesting season on Captiva. Since then, there have been two nests laid on Sanibel

First loggerhead turtle nest on Sanibel Island. Photo by: Julie Reed
Help keep our beaches, and all beaches with nesting sea turtles, turtle-friendly by doing the following during nesting season:

-Shield or turn off any outdoor lighting that faces the beach
-Close curtains or blinds after dark 
-Never take flash photographs of a nesting turtle
-Take all beach furniture, toys, umbrellas, etc. with you when you leave the beach
-Respect all staked nesting areas
-Honor the leash law
-Fill in any holes you dig before you leave the beach
-If you see a nesting turtle, sit quietly at a respectful distance (at least 250ft) and enjoy!

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